State privacy legislation 2022


The Washington legislature is in session from January 10 – March 10 and will be there several important privacy bills on the table. Will legislators pass a strong that protects people … or a weak law filled with loopholes and exemptions and shields corporations from accountability? Or maybe it will be none of the above, and they’ll once again deadlock, which is what’s happened the last three years.

Here’s the key legislation:

  • A new version of the People’s Privacy Act, HB 1433, from Rep. Shelley Kloba. 
  • The Foundational Data Privacy Act, a new bill from Reps. April Berg and Vendana Slatter
  • A new version of the SB 5062, from Sen. Reuven Carlyle.
  • A new version of automated decision systems (ADS) regulation, SB 5116, from Sen. Bob Hasegawa.

Last year, grassroots activists like the Tech Equity Coalition supported the People’s Privacy act and ADS regulation, and opposed SB 5062.