My Health My Data town hall campaign survey

The proposed Washington My Health My Data Act protects consumer health data. Its protections are long overdue, and even more urgently needed as states criminalize abortion and pregnancy outcomes after the Supreme Court decision overturned Roe. But big tech and lobbyists from industries who make money exploiting our data are trying to water down its protections, and the version of the bill the House passed incorporates a lot of their suggestions for “improvements” (haha). So as the Senate starts to consider the bill, we need to raise awareness about the issues in the current version, pressure Senators to strengthen it, and lay the groundwork for later in the session when the House will have to concur with the Senate’s stronger version.

Town Halls are a great opportunity to get our message to legislators, sound them out on what they’re thinking, counter industry spin, and start a connection for future conversations.  We’re planning a “town hall campaign” to take advantage of the opportunity.  If you’re interested in attending a town hall asking questions — or if you want to help even though you won’t be attending a town hall — please let us know, either by fillng out the survey below or emailing

If you’re not seeing the form, your privacy settings are probably blocking it.  Try using this link to access it, and you may need to enable javascript from  If you run into any problems, our apologies.  Please email and we’ll try to help!

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