My Health My Data (ESHB 1155) — Legal Voice Overview

This document is from Legal Voice, who fights for gender liberation across the Pacific Northwest.  During the legislative session, Legal Voice advocates for legislation that positively affects women and LGBTQ+ people, and defends against bills that threaten to roll back the progress we’ve made. Washington Privacy Organizers has no affiliation with Legal Voice, but this document is an excellent short overview of My Health My Data’s private right of action and its implication for “crisis pregnancy centers” as well as the impact of Idaho laws on Washington state, and isn’t available elsewhere online, so we greatly appreciate their permission to post it here.

This document describes the version of the bill advanced by the Senate Law & Justice committeeThe version advanced by the Senate does not appear to have significant differences related to these issues, but we haven’t yet done a full re-analysis.

Note: if you’re not able to see the document on this page, you can download the current version here.