Washington Privacy Organizers urge Governor Inslee to sign My Health My Data and the Shield Law

Emailed to Gov. Inslee’s Policy staff, and submitted via the contact form, on April 24.

Re: Washington Privacy Organizers urge you to sign My Health My Data (HB 1155) & the Shield Law (HB 1149)

Dear Governor Inslee,

The Washington Constitution recognizes privacy as a fundamental right. This is particularly important in an era in which Roe v. Wade has been overturned. As we face the greatest threat to abortion access in 50 years, we are deeply grateful for your ongoing commitment to reproductive and sexual health. Your leadership in protecting access to care is highly appreciated.

With nearly 20 states enacting restrictions and outright abortion bans in combination with the extensive bans on gender-affirming care for trans youth, states need the power to legislate the protections their residents need to seek the care they require.  While there is still more to do, HB 1155 and HB 1469 will provide Washingtonians and visitors to our state with important privacy protections we expect and deserve.

Washington Privacy Organizers are individuals who educate and advocate for strong privacy legislation here in Washington and nationally, and have provided written and oral testimony and analysis on state and national privacy legislation to Washington State legislators, the Attorney General and his staff, numerous non-profits, and Members of the Washington Congressional Delegation over the last three years. The undersigned individuals strongly urge you to sign these two bills to protect and advance reproductive and sexual health and privacy rights in Washington this year:

  • HB 1155, My Health My Data, protects consumer health data (including data relating to reproductive, sexual, and gender-affirming health services) not already covered by HIPAA. No one should ever have their personal health information collected and shared without their knowledge or consent, and in a post-Roe world, providing health privacy protections is a crucial step to safeguarding healthcare access.
  • HB 1469, the Shield Law, protects Washingtonians who provide, obtain, or support abortion and gender-affirming care in Washington. It prevents the state from cooperating if other states attempt to investigate or prosecute Washington providers, helpers, and patients.

Thank you for your attention to these fundamental rights.  We look forward to engaging with you and your staff to ensure Washingtonians continue to receive a high level of privacy rights in the future as we build on this groundbreaking legislation.

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