My Health My Data passes the House. Next stop, the Senate!

My Health My Data (HB 1155) safeguards Washington residents’ personal medical data and prevents it from being sold to bounty hunters, data brokers, and law enforcement. Pro-Choice Washington, Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates; Gender Justice League, Legal Voice, and ACLU of Washington all support this bill. The original version of the bill was very strong, but … Read more

The Bad Washington Privacy Act did not pass! Thanks to everybody who got involved!

The Washington state legislature adjourned for the session today without taking any action on the Bad Washington Privacy Act, SB 5062.  It’s a huge win for Washingtonians’ privacy! This is the fourth year in a row that the Tech Equity Coalition members and grassroots activists have kept big tech lobbyists from writing the rules on … Read more

ASAP! Tell your legislators: OPPOSE the Bad Washington Privacy Act. Don’t let them sneak it through at the last minute!

With only three days left in the session, tech lobbyists are making a last-ditch effort to pass the Bad Washington Privacy Act!  Just this morning, a new amendment to SB 5062 was published, undoing the improvements the House had made earlier in the session.  And there’s just enough time left in the session for the … Read more

The situation is … fluid: #waleg privacy legislation update, March 4 (late-night update)

Updated around 12:30 am, March 5, with a late-night update and typo and emoji fixes. When we did our February 14 💘Update, Reps. Slatter and Berg’s ❓Foundational Data Privacy Act, HB 1850 ❓ was a potentially-promising replacement for Sen. Carlyle’s 👎🏽Bad Washington Privacy Act, SB 5062👎🏽. But that’s old news. After industry lobbyists claimed that❓HB … Read more

2022 Washington privacy legislation

There are so many versions of privacy bills floating around that it can be challenging to know which is which.  Here’s a short description of three key bills in Washington’s 2022 session.   ACLU of Washington’s Bill Comparison Chart has a high-level comparison. 💜 HB 1433, the People’s Privacy Act 💜, sponsored by Rep. Shelley Kloba … Read more

Tell your legislators: OPPOSE the Bad Washington Privacy Act (SB 5062) and HB 1850!

  Washington’s legislature is trying to pass the weak, industry-backed Bad Washington Privacy Act for the fourth year in a row, as well as a different bill advanced from the House. Whether together or separate, these bills only protect people’s privacy in theory, not in practice. The bills: The Bad Washington Privacy Act (SB 5062) … Read more